Practice Areas

We are actively involved in various sides of asset management including:
Property Sourcing & Disposal


Through our wide network of acquisition and disposal partners, we are continuously sourcing interesting opportunities for our clients, both existing and new. We are able to deliver an end to end soloution, acquiring, managing and disposing of assets on behalf of our investors.

Investment Management

We offer a basic investment management service for our investors who are either based offshore or unable to allocate time to managing their property portfolio. This can be tailored to suit individual client needs and can consist of – Rent collection, Insurance management, VAT returns, bookkeeping, arrears management & annual accounts amongst others. Please feel free to arrange a meeting and discuss your specific requirements.

Strategic Planning


We have an in house team of experienced asset managers and analysts. Using our resources, we can formulate an effective strategic plan for our clients assets. In each instance, working towards a successful delivery of an asset management plan to fit our clients needs. We also deliver a different perspective, actively seeking out opportunities to enhance value and/or income where it may not already be uncovered.

Legal Matters

Our experiences have allowed us to be exposed to a very broad view of property law and as such we are able to assist in property related legal matters. We would act as a consultant alongside an appointed law firm and seek to engage with your lawyers in order to seek the best outcome for our clients.

Debt Management

We provide debt management services. This would range from simply managing a relationship with lenders and ensuring quarterly reporting and management is delivered in a timely and acceptable manner. We have experience in working with a very wide array of UK and European lenders and understand intimately what they require and how they require it.

In addition, we have successfully assisted clients in situations where there are banking defaults. Here, we review the asset or portfolio of assets in question and formulate a cohesive exit plan for the lender and the investor to ensure the best recovery for both parties.

We have also coordinated a number of debt ‘buy-back’ from lenders seeking a rapid exit. In this scenario, we are able to rationalise with lenders and reduce exposure for our clients.

Planning Application

We have a dedicated planning manager who can oversee a simple change of use application or structure a large scale planning program for delivery of a wide array of schemes all over the UK.